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Feb 7, 2002
Pendleton Oregon
The hippy is a tough act to follow, but it is my turn now!

A little history first, after seeing pictures of OrangeFJ45's 45 run. Something just grabbed me. I fell head over heels for this body style. Pick-up, Wagon, Troopy. It didn't matter I wanted to get one. So after searching for several months I came across an ad on SOR for a 1967 LPB (1966 production date) and to much of my suprise it was being sold by a gentleman who I had bought a FJ55 from years earlier. So I bought it in Cypress California and had it shipped up to Seattle Washington.

The vehicle was basically restored when I got it, save some technical issues like no tail lights or blinkers, brakes, and or decent tires.

We use the rig on a daily basis when needed. I also use it as a shop truck for my business. We also attended the 2006 FJ45 run 1800 miles round trip with no top or doors..(best trip we have been on in a long time)

The family loves the truck and will probably be passed on to my kids when I get old and smelly.

Early 1975 2F motor (cast iron water pump)
FJ60 Disc knuckles
80 series master cylinder
Extended brake booster
Stock 3 on the tree
Japanese spec FJ56 air cleaner.
Conferr extended shackles
255/85/16 BFG MTs
Later model windshield with updated wipers

Some pics of when I first bought it
So i also use it to haul engines and steel around. Here it is hauling a 1956 buick nailhead in white wrapping.


Working it a bit...donating wood to the neighbor lady.


WOW Thanks for sharing the pics and story, I really like the lift. Are you running those tires on the split rims ? Great 45 !!!!! I think you did just fine following Mark but everyone of these trucks has something special to give. Why else would we own them.
I think it's gorgeous, Bull. Truth be told I'm not a huge fan of the rigs that have perfectly aligned body panels, shiny paint jobs, etc. Nothing wrong with the buffed and fluffed look it's just not my preference; maybe because I don't expect to own one in that category. Chicken or the egg?... I don't know.

More attractive to me is the truck that's used and to some degree, shows it. More of a work in progress and that's the way I see my truck. Won't ever be done done and if it were... it might lose a little of it's draw for me.

Show it being used, show a little bondo... and then show it off. I like it. A lot.
Hey, that very first photo tickles me.
My daughter is cross-eyed, and noticing those TWO driver side mirrors gives me an idea for her sweet-sixteen birthday! And didn't Carl Reiner wear Opti-grab eyeglasses until things got crossed up?!

All kidding aside, nice ride!
Nice truck. If I was one of your kids I would be telling you daily you are old and smelly so fork over the keys.

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