Roof Rack Delete - Did I stab something important with the long bolts?

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Sep 9, 2020
Denver, CO
I got rid of my roof rack on my 2013 land cruiser. I mostly did what this video said:

The guy in the video says you need to buy some shorter bolts:

I noticed in his video that the bolts coming out of the rack towers have the rubber washer on them. Me being the stingy genius that I am, decided I'll just reuse the bolts, and if they're too long I'll cut them down. I was too lazy to cut down the bolts, so I just kept screwing them in and they went. The ones in the back screwed in no problem, but the ones in the front took a little doing.

Who thinks I did something terrible to my side curtain air bags by screwing those bolts in so far?
There are shorter bolts to use for not rack as designed by the factory. They still have rubber washers. 9011908C47
Reviving this thread to ask if anybody knows if the Rav4 part numbers referenced in that youtube video are correct for a 200 series?
Please post the Rav4 numbers and what parts they are. I'm not going to spend time watching the video.
90119-08C47 bolts
63185-0R010 brackets
75596-0E040 covers
This is the type of thread that reminds me of why used cars are such a bag of fun little surprises!

Who needs those side airbag curtains to deploy? Just use really long bolts and turn until it’s not squishy anymore. Airbags smairbgs….

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