rolling 45LV frame with title

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Mar 14, 2003
United States
well, i got this frame from a fellow mudder in hopes of using it as my fj45 extra cab chassis but it won't work. i'd have to cut it and stretch it at least 2 feet and that would be a shame. i'd rather stretch a 40 or 60 series frame if i'm gonna have top cut one up.

this is the LV that went thru a garage fire. all the paint was burned off in the flames but the frame is absolutely straight and in excellent shape. still has the stock springs and axles under it. i put on some rollers bu they're nothing fancy.

located in stockton CA. i'm not looking to make a fortune on this but would like to find a happy home for it. so let me know if you need it and we'll work something out. ;)
ps: the frame does have surface rust all over but it's only SURFACE rust, absolutely no cancer or pitting.
Got your engine finally from my brother rececntly. We installed it and works like advertised. Thanks, sorry for the hijack:)
righton george! thanks for letting me know. :cool:
45lv rolling frame

I have the room right now and a upcoming project on the books. E-mail me a picture if possible and details regarding the fire, curious about how hot the fire got? Anyways put me in line and I'll get the details from you. Thanks!:grinpimp:
we;;, it got hot enough to melt the carb but the frame was pretty well protected by the body since the firs was above the garage in the upper story of the huse. the springs look like they're still in great shape and have'nt frooped. the rest of the frame is in great shape as well. not warped, not bent,.....
semi-loca trade/sale pending:)

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