For Sale Rolled 94 Landcruiser Carlsbad CA

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Jun 2, 2010
United States
135K on drive train. Can not part out. $1500 obo within a week. Can include tow from to San Diego, Orange counties. Email for full pic set.
Interested in the entire cruiser.
Pics to

I can drive down there and pick it up. unless you'll deliver to Acton, CA.
This LC was in WA

I almost bought this one in WA

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You mean this one? Doesn't appear to be the same one... wow! two flamed 80's?
WOW 1500.00 OBO THen you tell me have to bid over 1500.00 to get it. THis is not ebay.

If your auctioning it off put it on ebay. My offer stands.

I am curious as to what you said in the PM you sent me. You would help out on getting information to have it released from impound yard?

Have you got approval from the insurance to sell it or remove it from impound?

DO you have the Title for vehicle?
I got the same email.... bid more than the first posted price.....

I'll pass...
Good luck with the sale...
I'm still interested. I can pick up right away.

I was going to send this to you. Hope it works out.

Thanks again,

Thanks DOug How's the COnversion coming along. I should have just kept the engine and thrown it in my cruiser. LOL.
Keep me posted on updates.
lol... It had the potential to be a scammer though. Guess I missed your post on this thread. Bummed I didnt catch any bad guys

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