Requesting proper name of parts for BJ74 fender hardware

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May 15, 2005
I've got these spacers I need. I don't know what they are called by Toyota, so it's hard to ask.
Please help. There is two different thickness of spacers on these.
Pics for assistance.

My WAG would be isolator bushing. Have you checked on the Toyota DIY.
Well, lets see how works out. Delivery is sched for 2 weeks.
I would call those clip nuts....But I think they can be called case nuts...
I would call those clip nuts....But I think they can be called case nuts...

The clip nuts have a welded nut. I've ordered them as well. These are a spacer, the bolt passes through them. This is a pic of the clip nut.
As you can see, very small rust issue.
Here is the image from
It's identical to Toyota Diy, just more readable. All the little hardware is unfortunately labelled just as parts. I was unable to save the image of parts numbers on my iPad, otherwise I would have posted it up.
I ordered online Sunday, it was already Monday noon in Japan. This morning I received a personal email saying my order was being assembled and approx 14 days for shipping. Hmmm, so far so good. This could be really cool for us people in the boonies that don't have access to local retailer. Especially to all you guys in Central/South America.

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