Replacement nozzle assembly: as set or individually

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Feb 12, 2011
The Netherlands
Replacement injector nozzle assembly: as set or individually

I have to replace two of my nozzle assemblies of my injectors in my 2H-engine.

I want to know if I can replace just the two broken nozzles or should I go for the whole set of 6?

Money wise it makes a huge difference, because a nozzle assembly is about €40,- and have it changed by a specialist €60,-, making it approx. €100,- per nozzle assembly replacement.
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as stated in the previous thread ( where your question / pool came from ) I need to said .. replace all 6 ..

but that's just my .0002 cents ..
Having been in the repair business for 30+ years the rule always is: if 2 or more equal parts doing the same job/work (electrical or mechanical) you replace them all.
Reason is: While you're at it do it now and do it right, don't wait until the next one goes bad, and the next one, and the next....

Just my opinion,

You can get the whole 6 reconditioned for $280AUD(234Euro) +shipping with a refundable $100 core charge from aust ebay.
Toyota Landcruiser Coaster 2H Diesel Injectors | eBay
Most australian diesel shops flow match the injectors so they are all equal.

If I was broke I might just replace what I can afford,but its not best practice.
OK, I am convinced.

I will replace them all!!!


Does somebody have a part-time job in the evenings to offer :crybaby:?

But I will drive very smoothly afterwards :steer:!
Mission completed and running great again! Thanks everybody!:clap:

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