Relay to stop hyper blinking LED Turn Signals in 100 Series (1 Viewer)

Apr 2, 2015
I found there wasn't much information to be found if replacing turn signals for LED bulbs. Found information for the 80 but not 100 series. So thought I would just put this out there.

If you've tried already you'll know that you get the hyper flasher blinker which kept me from going ahead with LED bulbs. I initially bought a different relay but it didn't work even though it said it would fit. But it was a 3 pin and didn't work obviously. But then I found this relay on amazon that fixes the hyper flashing. They also sell one with an adjustable dial. I just got the regular one. So far it's worked great! If you follow the brake pedal up you will see the relay bolted onto the metal frame. Unscrew and unplug. It's up to you whether or not to swap the bracket over. I just ziptied it out of the way.

These are the bulbs I got for the front 1157 size
and these for the rear 7443/7440 size

Hopefully this helps some people out!
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Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
Ordered! Thanks again! I really need to stop coming to MUD, my spend on the Land Cruiser has exploded in the last three months! Damn you, pandemic, with all your mandatory free time!

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