Relay rod length and maximum adjustment

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May 5, 2017
Raleigh, NC
I put a 4" lift on my 93 FZJ80 this past weekend. After getting everything together and it back on the ground I'm noticing the steering is cocked to the left, which after quick inspection, I can see it's from the relay rod not being adjusted long enough to reach from the Pitman arm to the front of the passenger side knuckle. None of the 4" kits on the market include a longer relay rod, and I didn't find anything specifically written in the installation manuals that come with the lifts. I pieced my lift together, sourcing parts from a few different shops online, to get the exact parts I wanted, so reaching out to the "kit manufacturer" means asking myself (LOL). My question is, is it ok to adjust this rod out the extra needed length to correct the steering, or will a longer one need to be sourced?
I adjusted mine out years ago with no issues so far.
cool. thanks guys, that's exactly the info i was looking for. I'll set it to centered as needed, then take it and have one of the "free alignment checks" done at my local tire shop to make sure the toe is good to go.

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