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Mar 6, 2010
Reno, NV
Hey Folks! So please take a few mins to register on our new website at! Below are some details to help you out...

Once you get to the site click on the Clubhouse link.


If you haven't already logged in, then you will be prompted to login or sign up...


You can use your google (gmail) or facebook account to sign up faster if you haven't already done so or you can click the Sign Up link to create an account manually. If you opt to create an account manually just enter "1234" into the membership confirmation number.


Once you have done this, I will be notified that a new request has been made and I have to approve you (so give me a few mins). Once I do, log in and the system will email you a verification link. Once you have followed those instructions you will be ready to setup you profile...

The secure "clubhouse" section is a major feature for us. It will allow us to keep a directory of members so we can all easily reference who's who. So there are some key items you need to do in order for this to be useful. First things first... Security.

Our site is setup with 2048 bit rolling encryption and complex credential requirements. No one on the back end can see your credentials. Of course nothing is hackerproof, but a main component for hackers is motive. We area REALLY small target for a hacker and we do not store personal identity data like SSN, DOB, or bank account information.

1. You need to make your profile "public." This isn't public "public" but public to other club members. I have tested this extensively and verified with our hosting company that this is the case. If you do not do this, then you will not show up in the directory. Here's how...
a. Make sure you are logged in and click on the Clubhouse link, then choose Settings. Your first time here and the site should prompt you to make your profile public. Please do so...


If you already ignored this in the past, then you will see the option under your profile pic window in the top left corner of the settings page...


Once you have done this, you can click on your profile picture above your name and upload a pic of your face.

2. Click on the Profile link and populate your profile. We need the following info...
a. mud screen name
b. ham callsign
c. email address
d. cell phone number
f. List your Toyota 4x4s
g. pictures of your toyota 4x4s

Feel free to write a little bio if you want. You can see mine as an example. Note that you will not be able to see my profile info if you haven't already registered and logged in.

Once you have done this, you can click on the Member Directory link to see everyone else who has done the same. Once I see you in this list I will grant you writer access so you can upload things to our Adventures pages and participate in the other clubhouse features.
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