Redington 1-31-15

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Nov 3, 2009
Tucson, AZ
Really short notice but I'm going out to redington tomorrow morning. Will be at the first pullout on the left at about 10:00 to air down. Will probably do tanqueverde loop. If anybody wants to join feel free.
pretty awesome trip, lots of water. started off with the road being closed but thats okay it just means less traffic. also here is a very poor attempt at a youtube video. sorry nobody else got to make this trip, maybe next time.




Nice video...My parents live on the east side of Tucson and said they got a lot of rain the other day as evident by the video
thanks for the comments and likes guys. that is the kind of wheeling i live for and wanted to share it with every one else.
I thought that was a GREAT video! Some of those water crossings (1:40) looked a little spooky to me with the water going up the passenger side door, and that ending video water crossing reminded me of when I'd drop my STOMPERS in the pool to watch them 'swim'. Great day to see the waterfall and thanks for posting the video,

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