Rebuilt 3B reinstall questions

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Jan 6, 2006
So cal
I removed my 3B in oct for a "quick" rebuild...hahaha
I just got it back last week and am installing it.
This is my first 3B...its been about 2 months longer than my memory can remember for some of the reassembly.
i took some pics for most of the accessories..AC pumps etc.. but I dropped the block off at shop with engine mount arms? still attached, and it came back with them off. it appears from the toyodiy image and part number description the longer one (12311) goes on the passenger side and the shorter one (12315) goes on the driver side. seems the engine is not straight in the engine compartment, it seems to be crooked with the front pulled to the driver side...

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It's correct that the the engine isn't straight in the chassis. It's designed that way. Take a look at your radiator fan shroud if you still have it. I think you should see that the fan is offset to the same side.
I don’t mean to revive a dead thread; does anybody know how crooked it’s supposed to be? How do I know if mine it’s too crooked?

I don’t have the fan shroud to compare too.

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