Rear spring options

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Nov 19, 2017
Just got my lc200. The rake of this vehicle is quite high... I want to level it out a bit by lowering the rear a bit. Probably make the ride smoother at the expense of some load carrying capacity... I've heard Dubai versions have less rake or even the lx 570's. Has anybody tried to swap their lc rear springs
With the rear springs from these other versions. I'm pretty sure they will fit. Objective is less rake better ride
you’ll probably have a problem finding shorter springs. But you can eliminate most of the take by adding 10mm Toyota OEM front strut spacers. They will remove about 3/4” of take. The spacers are about $80 for the pair. Toyota Labor is 3 hours to install, plus you’ll need an alignment afterwards.
Thanks Linux... Will put that in mind... How do the other LC versions manage the less raked look? I was parked next to an lx 450 the previous day and it was more level. Mine looked like a drag race car..
An LX450 is based on the 80-series platform, which was solid axle.

The LX570 is based on the 200-series LC. I can't speak to rake on an LX but if it's different it could be due to AHC

My '13 LC had a rake even after installing the spacers. I have helper airbags in the rear though and even at 5psi they probably add 1/2" back there. Personally I don't think a bit of a rake unloaded is bad - otherwise when you are loaded down the saggy rear and extended front will make your handling squirrelier when you need it controlled the most.
the rear of the car needs to be elevated 1" -1.5" over the front the reason for that is if you derided to give your mother in-law ride so the car would not sag .
If you have an LX570 you can adjust the rear AHC sensors and level it if you want it lower, or raise the front to level it. I think I read you have a land cruiser however.
I have learned.that there are various spring types that cater to I'm installing springs made for US market vehicles. Will keep our group updated... Will also try to post pictures if I am able to.

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