Rear output bearing too tight on rebuild of t-case

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Jun 30, 2005
Kimberley, BC
I just rebuilt my t-case on my 1991 J77. When i disassembled, the rear output housing did not have any shims in it(behind the race). Following the manual, I reassembled without shims(since i didn't have any), and it seems as though there is too much preload on the bearing. I could not get my hands on the proper torque meter to set the preload, but can just tell with my hand that it seems too tight. do I finish the job correctly and not have so much preload when i cannot remove any shims???

(adding shims gives more preload, removing shims is opposite)
Did you use a gasket on the split housing?
If no it will add more preload ...
Quick fix, Add another paper gasket or two on the output housing.
Here x 2 The pre load on used bearings is about 15 inch pounds. With the seal out and in neuteral as John said.
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Make sure when you're measuring the preload that you have the transfer case in neutral.

Paper gaskets work well if you don't have shims to reduce the preload.

Good thoughts guys....i was thinking of adding another gasket to the housing to reduce the preload. I did use a gasket between the cases as kbushnz had mentioned. Too late to take that out though! I will see what happens when adding another gasket.

From what i have found different brands of transfer rebuild kits have different thickness gaskets in them , its solved a few preload issues i have had as i dont run the main case gasket anymore .

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