For Sale Rear heater and lines

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Jun 21, 2003
Cumming, Ga.
Older style complete with lines and wiring, this came from a low mileage non USA fj55.
Fan Blades still shiny ,$225 , $185 for just the heater OBO. plus shipping
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I thought the ones with four feet were from 55s.
I have 2 that are just alike both have part# 87110-60044 on the cover, checking toyodiy this part # does not cross check to anything.
I thought the number might be just the cover and that was why it didn't come up.After your post went and checked a couple of other heaters.
I have a top piece that is 87110-60041 that is 69-74 Fj55 so looks like you are right.
Not sure why I have these as my 55 has been gone 15yrs and the heater went with it.
If someone has a good base for a 40 everything else will fit.
Thanks for catching this.
That's what it get for assuming.

That’s what the like button is for.


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