Rear Hatch Damper Shock Strut

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Sep 30, 2005
How much are the Toyota made struts? Mine are shot, well, when cold! ;) I have found them for 49.00 each, but I am unsure if they are factory. TIA!:)
OEM is $pensive.

There's an awesome thread here somewhere about high quality replacements at a great price (with reasonable shipping) from ebay Australia.
Good news:

I got a set from the gas strut guys in Oz. Great price, excellent service, quick shipping via Australian post, bolt in replacement took about 20 minutes to do both sides.

Bad news:

I had one strut fail at the top ball and socket joint after two months. The design of the socket is a metal insert with a plastic surround. The plastic failed and I now have a 4 iron holding up by lift gate on the passengers side of my rig.

This will give me a chance to test out their warranty and post sale customer service and let folks here know what to expect if they have problems.

Good luck.

check the length you need them to run and look at, or the help section of your local parts store. not sure what the weight rating is. i know i used the 90# struts on my 60, can't remember what i used on the 80, and they were awesome. you may have to cut the ball stud out of your old struts, but that's easy to do. much cheaper than oem..think i paid like $18/ea.
The gas strut guys came through with replacements. No questions asked.

Two thumbs up for customer service.

Also, the new struts are all metal, like OEM. Don't know if they are a new design or if perhaps I was sent the wrong ones the first time, but I am all set.

Will have to see if these ones last, but given the all metal construction I have high hopes.

I also bought the ones from Australia. Can't remember the link but it's in the search function
I think I paid like $56 for the set and $12 shipping; which was unbelievably fast
Somehow "Strut Guys" comes to mind but its 0300hrs and my mind is tired
Great fit no problems whatsoever.

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