Wanted rear diff lock engine

Oct 10, 2005
Please help me...

I have an 80 from 1995, it’s a 4.2 diesel engine and it has near 200 HP, it’s very beautiful and like all of you I like to walking around hear and see the news for our lovely machine, know how can it be more and more beautiful. I’m having some problems with the tires because in my country it’s not easy to get big tires, I like to have something like 36x12.5 R 16 and I can’t get nothing like this, but now I’m having a big problem, I broke up the electrical engine of rear diff lock, I don’t know how but it’s broken, and in Portugal, my country the Toyota says that it just sold all engine, and I just broke up the final of the engine, so it’s too expensive to get that, I’d like to know someone that can gat me or sell me or tell me how can I have my diff lock working again.

From Portugal...

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