rear axle SST

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Sep 3, 2006
HI all ya!
So I have to rebuild rear axle on my 60 ,ordered bunch of parts from SOR and last thing I have to figure out is where to buy or rent SST.
All help in that matter appreciated

and one more thing Im looking for good shop to take my third end in to:frown:

thanks :)
A 09308-00010 and 09514-35011 the first one is for removal of oil seal
and the second one is for the bearing
And then ther is the one for driving the seal and bearing in but I can use some home made tool;)
Try going to Murray's. They rent out tools for free (just need a deposit). Otherwise you can pick up an oil seal puller for like $10. You don't need the $$$ Toyota one.
do you have any idea where Ican take my third end?
hey chi.40 do you have the sendy 40 in lakeview I love that truck
I don't have a clue where to take your third member, besides maybe a specialized 4x4 shop. I do recall seeing one on Pulaski just north of Irving Park, but I don't know if they have any experience with Toyotas.

I don't have a 40 anymore (right now), and I have a blue 60 and a Desert Dune 80.

Good luck.

I gues Im going to do some more reaserch and thanks for all your time
I hope to be done with all the work on my truck by next time you guys going
to weel whenever that is going to hapen so wish me luck and one more time
wow that looks like sweet tool to have but apparently my 87 60 comes with
semi floating axle so no need for that .But thanks for the link .All I need is puller type tool and be careful in Cliff I got some ugly dents on my rig out there
Have fun and thanks:)

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