real time - Valve Cover won't seat!

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Aug 24, 2012
I got the new spark plug tube gaskets in and it is almost like they are too big! I cannot get the stupid thing to sit down so I can torque the bolts on. I got the Fel-Pro kit everyone else has used.

It looks like the tubes either need to go into the center or around the bulge. Anyone else have this issue?
Here’s a pic of the cover and the new gasket. Pic of Gasket is the side facing down towards the engine
Cannot get the spark plug tubes into the new aftermarket grommets. Running up to Toyota to pick up some OEM grommets. Grr. Stupid aftermarket. Oh well. Need some more hoses and the Water sender gauge broke when I was pulling it off (barely touched it and it just shredded - plastic and rubber on this old beast is getting hard and brittle) so it will at least be a useful trip.
I used that kit and didn't have issues fitting(you never remember something that goes ok). I recall (no pictures unfortunately) that 'open' side being the side that seats into the cover making the rounded side being the one the tube fits into - that way the tube pushes the gasket open as it seats in.
Update: Fel Pro's answer on the orientation - 2003 Avalon Spark Plug Tube Gaskets
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You're right. I had them in backwards but based on how the OEM looked I thought I had it right. Either way I got a new set of OEM and the shape and size of the gaskets were markedly different than the blue aftermarket ones. I was able to get these in much easier and everything fit right back up and new gaskets in place on the valve covers. Feel better having OEM anyway.

Waiting for the rest of my new coil packs to come in (just decided to do some preventative maintenance and replaced all 8) and I'll have this job wrapped up.

New Fuel filter, PCV valve, PCV hoses, valve cover gaskets, spark plug tube gaskets, spark plugs, heater Ts and hoses, radiator hoses and a few random clamps, hoses and bushings that were worn out under the hood.

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