Re-Vive my 45!

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Feb 12, 2019
Eugene Or.
Hey all you fellow "LV"ers -

As a relatively new Forum member, I am starting this thread because admittingly, I have benefited greatly from a lot of the info that others have posted of their restoration endeavors, and now I want to contribute to the cause as well.
When I started my own restoration, I did not know that there was such an exclusive community of 45LV peeps out there, and I am stoked to be included as one of "Them" in solidarity.

So, if You have documented your progress and posted on this forum I, for one, want to say "Thank you".

Now check this out :

The short and sweet of my LV experience is this :
- I acquired my 1966 FJ45LV back in 2012.
- I found it located in Washington State, on Craigslist, and I was connected to it the minute I saw it in person.
- The gentleman who had it up for sale at the time accepted a "more than fair" price for the condition that it was in.
- The vehicle had sat pretty dormant in his yard for many years, but He had decided to put it up for sale because He wanted to see a better future than He was able to provide. Upon my first inspection I would have to say "She" was a little rusty in the floorboards so to speak, but by no means what I would call decrepit. -
fj Day 1-1.jpg

This was the day when I first picked it up.

Pretty good starting point actually.
After trailering her home I got her into my shop, I replaced the battery, plugs, wires, drained the gas tank, ran all new fluids and she surprisingly started right up and ran really strong ; great compression, although high on the single barrel carb idle, sloppy tie rod/ball joints/ front end gear, with bad brakes etc. but all super simple easy fixes.

Parts wise she was pretty complete and all original. I was missing one door handle and for some reason one of the hood latch "holds" mounted on the fender side aprons, and there were plenty of scars from antennas, mirrors, ashtrays, cup holders, and even a leather gun holster that was mounted on the dash, but overall not too molested. It looked like someone had stripped the paint off at one point with solvents of some sort without removing the gaskets or plastic light lenses so the chemical drip damage means I'll be making silicone molds to remanufacture my taillights.
The floor boards had rotted out because of sitting outside for years with the front windows rolled down (in the Seattle area :rolleyes:) but I cut them out and fabricated replacement metal. The upholstery was all there, but tattered and torn. All Door hinges and latch mechanisms were fully functional. Glass was intact. She was Good Enough to be road worthy for me.

So I ran her as a "Rough Rider" for the first few years. With the original F motor and 3 speed transmission she runs like a happy … tractor.
We went a lot of places together, but we never went fast !

However, time continues on, and as of last year, I excitingly can say that I decided to tear her down and embark on a complete frame off restoration. Unfortunately I have somehow managed to loose all of my initial teardown pictures so I'm kind of picking up the process and sharing with some time lapse missing in my recording. Oh well. Luckily I have found Ih8mud and all you LV nuts to help me piece my project back together again. Already I have bought door seals and gaskets from member "c2dfj45" as well as gleaned info from many restoration postings as your builds have progressed.

And so here I am now :

fj day 1-2.jpg
IMG_0854 (2).JPG

I pulled the motor and sent it to the machine shop - I pulled the body and have sent the frame to the powder coater - my large body panels have been sent out to be sand blasted. The ball is rolling … !!!

I'm coming to the understanding that you're right about that. I've just been reading the past postings about the differences by year and how the firewall tag is the year of registration not the manufacturing date. So its probably been titled incorrectly all these years. Interesting.
Looks like a great project. Not too bad of condition I think. I just passed thru Eugene last Saturday. Would have enjoyed stopping and checking it out. Next time.

IMG_1010 (1).JPG

Stripping everything down and sending off to be sand blasted, as well as having the frame powder coated.


This old girl has seen better days, but I'm happy with the lack of rust.
Blasting always yields surprises! But you look to have a pretty good one on your hands and you are in the right place for help. This is an amazing forum. Enjoy the ride. I will definitely be watching.
Can't say I have ever seen the hood latches on the front like that? Very interesting.....

That isn't correct for the hood latches, interesting modification. As noted the aprons have been cleaned of the latch.
The hood looks to be a later model hood, it should have the split two piece hood with the hood speer.
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Thanks for looking guys - I appreciate your attention to details! Here are some more that I have now that these parts are back in my hands and I've applied some primer to the freshly exposed sheet metal:


So, there have definitely been some shenanigans in the past but you can still see the spot welds of the original catches. I'll have to round some up and put them back on. ( by the way, Any donors out there?! )

And here's the Hood panel. The previous pic was taken with a 12 pixel flip phone! There's a handful of dings and dents, with a nice crease that had been dollied back out, as well as some extra holes and welding scars but very little rust damage.



The interior has been recently gutted and I don't have any surviving pics of the interior from when I was driving it but there will me more to come as I progress:


I had previously cut out some rust on the front floor boards and replaced with solid sheet metal so I could drive it. In these pics there is a lot of body shop dust covering the Arma Coat bedliner I had sprayed in to Protect it and help with some sound deadening.




Sins from the past :


IMG_1952 (2).JPG

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