Rack ideas?

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Mar 25, 2005
Central valley (Cali)
Ok guys I've been looking thru a bunch of threads checking out any external rack ideas( pioneer racks, external storage..ect...)

so here's what I have a simple pop up Starcraft (starmaster 6 ) ...

What I'm wanting is... External pioneer style rack for the usual , shovel,rake,axe

some type of storage rack for other simple stuff that we all take camping, and add my bike rack ( making it easy to take off ) detachable to set up camp...

Show me what we have? Any help would be great
thanks James
It might help if you show us (pics if possible) were you would like to mount the rack. Is the roof of the trailer when closed solid? How much will it support? You may have to make the rack removable so that when you want to deploy the tent portion you have to remove the rack. Hard to help without an idea of where you want to place it and what kind of base you have to work with
For a trailer roof rack maybe airline rails would be help

with several fittings between 300 daN

til 1100 daN or more


you also can get them in different colors ;)

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Double check with local law guys and see if these are legitimate for xternal carry, dont think so in some states (Cal)
you mean something other than a Yakima rack system? Sounds like thats gonna fit your multi-use/expandability/easily customiziable requirements...

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