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Nov 1, 2004
Appreciate anyone that can give me a quick diagnosis on my niece's 01 forerunner... the connection from the steeing rack to the driver wheel is gone... rubber boot is still there connected to the tie rod end but the boot feels empty (steering wheel turned to the left as she parked it). Shaft must be retracted into the rack?

No physical connection between rack and wheel is obviously the problem is but want to know what it will take to fix it... new rack or are there components in there that can be replaced?

appreciate the advice... I've only worked on staight axle cruisers and want to help her if i can.

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I would remove the boot and see what exactly is broken. I would assume its the joint, or shaft on the inner tie rod end. Once the boot is removed, look for steering fluid leakage out of the rack. If the breakage isnt inside the end of the rack, I would slowly turn the wheel most of the way to the right to expose the left inner tie rod end. IF its just the tie rod end, and the end of the rack, and the rack seals show no damage or leakage, you can probably just get away with replacing the inner tie rod end.
If she has the money, though, probably best to do BOTH sides inner ends, and have the outers looked at to see if they need it also. Best if they are all replaced in pairs.

IF there is damage to the end of the rack, or seals, or if there is leakage, best (cheapest) bet is to replace the whole rack as well. Having one rebuilt probably costs close to the same, as its labor intensive, and best done by someone with experience specifically rebuilding them.

since originally posting I found the FSM on TTORA site so it is clear now that the connecition between the tie rod and the rack end has failed... was hoping there'd be a std well know failure, but we'll check it out.

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