Quick CDL question

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Maximum Effort
Sep 28, 2010
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Just picked up an 05 a few weeks ago, loving it so far. This would be my fifth land cruiser, but first 100.

So I was messing around with the cdl in my gravel alley, it engaged and did what it was supposed to do.

But the VSC trac & VSC off light came on ( I assume this is normal ).

What im curious on.... are they supposed to stay on after the CDL is disengaged? I drove it around the block and they stayed on, did a key cycle and they went out. Had no CEL, ABS lights nothing else.

I did search.....
Answer is no, and I've had a similar experience like yours. Once CDL is engaged, vsc trac & vsc are turned off (lights come on dash), once CDL is disengaged, lights will (should) go out. Sometimes you may have to drive forward or reverse so it disengages, my light has lingered for a short while after CDL has disengaged.
Mine does this from time to time also. It definitely disengages yet the lights stay on.....sometimes. It's my understanding that normally only the vsc off light illuminates with the cdl light. The owner's manual states that if the vsc trac light is on, you should have system serviced. I assumed that means anytime that light comes on.
I don't have any TCs and jumped the diagnostics port and did not get any codes on the dash either.
Sometimes I push CDL and get only vsc off and cdl light....press cdl again and both go off.
Other times I get the exact situation you are describing.

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