Pulling the trigger but last ?

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May 14, 2016
Metro Detroit Michigan USA
OK sent a deposit and ordering an inspection on a 06 470 with 55K on it.

I found a 09 570 with 92K on it for 2K more.

I think the 470 has tighter steering which I like more while the 570 floats like a older Lincoln Town Car.

Still am I missing anything by not going with the 09 which has 35,000 more miles, is three years newer and only 2K more.
Anyone near Greenwood Village CO??
That's a tough one. I like the newer bells, whistles and looks of the 200, but I'm pretty sure you'll be very happy with a low mileage 100.
I think you already made your decision with a deposit, no? Not to mess with you, but I'd lean towards the 200 (I don't have one, just want one).
Having had a 470 and now a 570, they are very different. I like the look of the 470 better but the 570 sure does make up for it in comfort and power, toys etc.. for 2k more I would probably go 570.

Also I am reasonably close to greenwood village, are you looking at something Kuni Lexus has?
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You can't modify the 570 nearly as much (or as easily I should say) as you can modify the 200. Not to mention the 5.7 v8 sounds like fun.

The 100 / 470 is a great platform and for sure my choice.
Thanks everyone!
Well, looks like I am the owner of an 06 LX470 Sand Dollar Pearl with about 55K on the clock.
Gotta set up a inspection before the wire transfer but assuming all goes well there (clean car fax and Lexus service history)
This will be mine.

1). Need 33's

2). The wheels are chrome it appears and I am going to need to do something about that! Any suggestions? I just hate super shiny

3). Not that it matters to me but it was not ordered with the rear spoiler, looks more land cruiserish without the spoiler when viewing from the side.

4). Gonna get the Vaistech installed I am pretty sure and also a remote start (one I can start from my phone!) also some light tinting possibly on the fronts

5). I debate getting a Truck Vault (I am LEO) and would love the security of always having a couple toys locked up in there.
I want to stick with the factory look I am pretty sure... Seems they are about 200-250 each online...

Looks like the center caps are not chrome in the pics and I saw when the vehicle was new Lexus service noted they installed non factory chrome wheels when the vehicle was first being prepared for sale when new.
I would go for the lower mileage vehicle for less money. I'm guessing the LX570 needs TB/WP since it is being sold right at the time people want to unload to avoid that cost. If that has been done it is a harder choice. The 100 series looks better to me if all things equal.
Here's the wheel. Gonna get BFG ATs also.

I have the same wheels but not in chrome. I would suggest a graphite or gun metal paint. There's a black LX on here (can't remember the user) with rattle can gun metal wheels and it looks awesome
Chrome wheels? Rattle-can? No bueno.

Try, yes I say try because they they don't come up too often, to source non-chrome OEM wheels.

Rattle-can? Bueno.
I have the same wheels on my 98 LC in Chrome... let me say this... they are by far the easiest wheels to keep clean I have ever owned... the large openings, the smooth surface area, ect... just a great design as far as washing the truck goes... I think about it every time I wash (usually use a wash mitt on the wheels... it's a 15 second deal per wheel... )
weird I know but it's just something I never thought much about and just took for granted that cleaning wheels was a BEACH... this design isn't...
I want the same style wheels just not chrome. Chrome does not do well in states like Michigan that use road salt in the winter.
My center caps aren't chrome. When the vehicle was new being prepped the first dealer noted on Lexus service they changed to non factory chrome.
Chrome wheels? Rattle-can? No bueno.

Try, yes I say try because they they don't come up too often, to source non-chrome OEM wheels.

Rattle-can? Bueno.

Now you made me search for the picture!


"Stripped to bare metal, then painted with Duplicolor rattle can gun metal. I wanted something I could touch up super easily when they got more rash on the trails..."

I wouldn't waste my money trying to source the exact same wheels but in a different color. Just paint them.

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