"project Fj35"

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Land Cruiser Junky

May 10, 2004
Hello again Gentlemen,

As you guys know, I haven't been around for a very long time due to a few "U" turns that life sent our way about 2 years back. My wife who was completely healthy one day was very sick the next and has been ever since. Things have improved in some ways and gotten worse in others, but we are a strong family and are getting through all of this together.

With all that comes with taking care of the entire family and holding down the fort, I have had almost no time or desire to work on the Cruisers. A couple weeks ago the "Project FJ35" went into the shop, and I've started cleaning up the 40 recently to get it ready to sell after owning it for 29 years... man is that gonna hurt.

I have checked in here from time to time to see what you guys have been up to, and now that I'll be working on the wagon again I'll start posting up any progress. In case you've forgotten where I was with it or have joined the Board since I've been gone, here's a pic.

Good to be back guys.

Great to hear that you have a strong family...coming from someone who has had loads to deal with over the past few years myself, I can tell you that when things get back to a new normal, and you look back at what you've just gone through, you know that it was because of the strength you had together that you made this far.

I can understand about you not even wanting to look at a Cruiser for a while, but remember that hobbies (as I am sure most will agree we are hobbiest) are a good way to get away, and clear your mind now and then...even if it's for just a few minutes at a time...harder said than done...I know...but it helps.

Too bad about you selling the 40, but looking forward to your work on "project Fj35"
i think that might just be the coolest looking wagon on Mudd :)
Wow! I was gonna call you today, but time ran away. I saw the LV with the dash gutted and part of a vintage air system hanging out last week at SOR and I was wondering what was up with you.

You really should stop by old friend.:)
Gene, saw your wagon today, it was being worked on!
Hope things go better for you and your wife. Give me a holler if you
come to Chatsworth. - Steve
Thanks guys for your words. The wagon's getting a new wiring harness. From there the list is very long, but it will be fun to start working on it again.

I sent you an email but it got kicked back. Give me a call or email. I've been prayin for you guys.


I sent you an email but it got kicked back. Give me a call or email. I've been prayin for you guys.


Let's just do an intervention and drag his butt out to Saline. You in?
Should get the wagon back from SOR this week. First thing I'm working on is the new FJ35 rear end. Since the 35 had no emblem markings at all (according to the 1 photo avaliable), I'm taking a little liberty to make something very different from the 45LV rear end. Here's a couple pics of what I'm starting with.
LV rear.jpg
LV rear 1.jpg
LV rear damage left.jpg
Thanks. Well the progress should start soon 'cause the wagon's back in action as I drove it home from SOR today. It's the first time I've driven it in 2 years. Gonna get rid of some unwanted passengers tonight (black widows) and give it a bath tomorrow for starts.

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