Power window sometimes won't roll up

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Jul 2, 2017
Posting this because I've been unsuccessful trying to find a description of a similar problem anywhere else. Could definitely use some guidance....

My driver's window will sometimes stop halfway when rolling it up. It will simply stop and not go any further, but if I wait a few minutes, it will roll the rest of the way up without issue. This is maybe 1 out of every 5 times I attempt to roll it up.

All windows including driver's window will always roll down without issue. All windows except for the driver's window will roll up without issue.

Swapped out the driver's side switch assembly, problem still persists. Any ideas? This is on a '97 LC
search; there are a few ideas in this forum
While I haven't had that exact symptom, I did just have an issue where the window would not go up. I cleaned the contacts and such in the master switch assembly and it now works fine. I'd try that since it is free to try and not too difficult. Just be careful because there are quite a few small parts in there. There are some threads on doing the work.
I would replace the window motor. You can get a Doorman on Amazon. Sounds like your switch is working but the motor is just giving up.

The other 3 are not far behind.

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