Power to diff lock multi pin connector ??

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Jun 19, 2013
Saraland, AL
I am curious if there is a way to apply power to the multi pin connector behind the diff switch to disengage the diff lock actuator?

I have been inside my '02 LX dash all day today trying to figure out why my radio just decided to "AUDIO OFF" on me. In the process the diff lock was pressed and engaged. Now I do not get the actuator click behind glove box to disengage. So it seems I cannot get power to actuator to disengage diff. Trying to rule out possibilites. Before now it would click on and off perfectly.

Not to mention the stinkin radio is still out without a clue.
I tested continuity from circuit board behind diff switch to the pin connector. ALL GOOD. Then tested from wire connector to “transmission relay” center diff under dash. ALL GOOD

So that tells me everything is good from the center diff switch to the relay. It has been working perfectly. I locked them tried to unlock it and no sounds at all from relay. I wonder if this has anything to do with ratio going out about same time.

Here’s which wires to connect to force the CDL to disengage:
If I trace the two lines, via multimeter continuity, from the CDL switch solder points on the circuit board to -------> the pins on the orange connector to -------> the corresponding female connectors.......would that be the two to connect a jumper wire to move the diff lock control relay?
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You can drive the relay directly at its connector to get the CDL motor to run.

On the relay is a 10-pin connector. With the connector still plugged into the relay you can apply 12V to either the solid black wire or the black-with-red-stripe wire. One will lock and one will unlock the CDL.

You’ll have to stick a thin 12V wire into the wire side of the connector.
Worked. Thanks.

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