Power steering issue fj60

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Jan 7, 2018
I recently replaced power steering pump and lines in my fj60(new pump, not rebuild). I bled the lines by turning wheel back and forth to lock while on stands about 20 times each direction, no bubbles. Unfortunately, after i drove it, the power steering was intermittent, and finally quit working all together. I noticed a puddle of fluid under where steering box would be, yet there was still plenty of fluid in reservoir. Is it possible, i wonder that the steering gear needs to be replaced? Anyone who could help me out with this, i would appreciate it.
Dry it all off, make sure the level is good then drive again and inspect for leaks.

I just rebuilt the box, new lines and new pump...did about 10 full rotations without the cap and it’s good to go. Watch fluid level while doing it.
When i replaced my powersteering pump, it was only a couple months before the box started leaking through one of seals.

Take a really close look, make sure lines are tight.

What color was the pooled fluid? More often then not the new fluid flushes debris into the box and that kills the seals, at least that’s how it happened to me

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