Power connectors other than cigarette ligher?

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Aug 27, 2007
Once i get my second battery in - i'll be wiring up some extra power connectors to run things from. I hate the old cigarette lighter plugs - anyone suggest any other replacements? i recall something called a BMW plug sometime in the past which is similar.

Depends on what you will be running on 12VDC. Marine supply and recreational vehicle supply stores have many different variations of the standard lighter receptacle/plug. That's probably your best bet, since most 12VDC accessories use that connector.
The "BMW" style is a Hella socket. Both my Kimberly Kamper and my BMW Moto used them. If you're going for security, I don't know if I'd say they are any more secure than a regular 12v locking plug. If I were going to go to the trouble of rewiring something unique, it would be a Powerwerx Rig Runner. Clean looking, positive locking unit.
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Thanks, I'll look into all of those options - maybe put in a mix of standard cig. plugs and a rig runner/powerpoloe set up - i do like seeing the easy selection of fuses on the rigrunner.

I like anderson power poles for higher draw accessories and convert most cig plugs to power poles and then carry some cig plug to power pole converters.
Very compact, high current, no melting, low voltage drop.

I use the 30A variety (smallish) all the time to jump my motorcycle and it handles it without heating up at all.
For a little while longer, powerlet sockets are available here. I have used Jim for motorcycle electrics. He has some nice stuff for cars now too (now that I look at his site).

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