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Jun 5, 2005
Columbia, SC
While, out on the trail today, my power radio antenna hit a branch and snapped off right where it goes into the little nub thing that is mounted to the body. I have purchesed a new assembly that includes a motor. I was wondering if i need to replace the whole assembly including the motor, of if I can take that back and just get a replacement mast.
Mine is broken off at the body also, i think you only need the mast. But as i havent replaced mine yet dont take it as gospel.
You should just be able to replace the mast (about $50). Unscrew the mast from the base and feed the plastic spline into the motor.

I do have a related question for the others... I've got a few inches of the spline stuck in my motor (it snapped off), but removing the motor is a huge pain in the ass. There is very little slack in the factory wiring so I can't manuver it out of the opening. Am I missing something?
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FJSixtyBru: you should be able to unplug the motor from the wiring harness. The wires to the motor have a plug and there's a mating plug on the harness. This should be in the engine compartment in the same general vicinity as the windshield washer bottle...
You should also be able to unplug the antenna cable from the motor and also unscrew the grounding wire from the windshield wiper motor mounting screw. After that it pulls right out.

You only need to remove the top mounting screw on the washer bottle. The other two just need to be loosened.

Just did this last Thursday.

I attempted this a few months ago and had the washer bottle off and everying. Did you have a bunch of tape where the antenna cable meets the motor? (It looked factory installed.) I'll give it another try. Thanks.
oops. I think I get you now. The power wires to the motor have a connector that can be unplugged. The antenna cable, though, is one piece and goes from the antenna mast back to the radio. However from the picture below, it looks like you mgiht be able to separate the mast from the motor, take the motor out leaving the mast behind. Don't know if this is possible cause I've never tried it.
power antenna.JPG

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