Potts run VA on the 11th

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Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
Arright folks. I'm heading out to New Castle VA to hit the Potts run with bunch of Nissans, couple (1 or 2) 4Runners and maybe heeps and who knows what else :D . Please chime in if you are interested.
What is Potts run. I have heard of it. Does it have any tough stuff or is it just fire roads.
It's at New Casttle VA. It does have tough stuff. Definitely not fire roads though. There are 2 ledges where you can spend hours but as far I know, no 80 has tried it yet. Some others with 37s/39s have broken their drive shafts on those ledges. We went there last year. Here's a link: https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=60259&highlight=Potts
Riad, did you run Potts this weekend? Was it open? Last we heard nobody was sure if it was open or not(even the ranger station didn't know). Just be careful, don't go around the gates if they're closed. Serious ticket for that. Couple of our club members can vouch for that... ;)

Yeah it was open. I have a friend that lives very close by (Larry, SASed 4Runner) and he goes there almost every weekend. He seems to be very familiar with the trail there and only invites me when it's open. However, I couldn't make it (over slept), it's 5+ hour drive for me. But he and his budds did. They started around 10:00 am and there was about 2" snow on the ground. It took them 4 hours. Halfway down the trip the visibility got pretty bad due to snow fall. When they got out there was about 8" snow on the ground. No one tried any thing crazy but one jeep sled into a ditch of the gravel exit on there way out, no one was hurt, he got out OK.
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Sure! I am thinking end of March when all the snow melts. Man I wish I was an hour away from any trail. I'd be hitting it every day. So make a mental note for end of March, tentatively. I will keep you posted.

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