Potential Relapse - Let's Hope Not

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Mar 15, 2006
Durham, NC
Well, today turned out to be a potentially :censor: day....

Most of you guys know that I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last July, completed chemo and radiation in January, and was back on track to a regular life. I've had two clean scans since my treatment began and my last one being in late November.

A couple months or so ago I noticed a slight pain in my right side (lower rib area). Dr's at Duke did a few xrays and nothing showed up so I attributed it to going to the gym or tweaking it working on one of the crusiers. The pain never went away or really got worse but was always there...so I made an appointment with a local primary care Dr here in Burlington. She had me get a ton of xrays and tests late last week and BOOM got a call from her this morning.

Looks like I have a small lesion on one of my right ribs (comfirmation that I wasn't imagining the pain). What this means I have no clue other than more tests. I get the luxury of having a bone scan on Wednesday at Duke to see what I'm up against.

I'm gonna be :censor: pissed if its cancer...I was just getting used to having energy and hair :bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:.

I think it's time for a :beer: after such a wonderful Monday.

Man Jon, I hate to hear this. I must say I surely hope its not. Wishing you the very best news coming your way in the near future. Got my fingers crossed and wishing you the best; let us know if we can help!!!

oh and come this way and beers on me......brixx tonight?
Don't know you from Adam, but sending you positive thoughts and prayers. Best of luck to you man!
I'm sorry to hear the news. Hopefully it won't turn out to be as bad as expected. I don't know how it feels, but try to keep as positive an attitude as you can. We'll be praying for positive tests.
Jon, sorry to hear of this news. I know it's a tough fight but you've gotten through it already so god speed for a speedy recovery. And honestly hopefully you have grown to know and understand that anyone here will help in any way they can...if there's anything we can do don't ever hesitate to let one of us know.
Jon, I'm hoping this is nothing serious and not a setback in any way. Susana and I will be pulling hard for you. As Greg said, if there's anything at all we can do to help, just say the word.
Jon, its good that you paid attention to the pain and followed up as soon as you did. I went 3 years from when my tumor was first noticed by my wife until I went back to pursue a second opinion with an MRI. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as well as offering any support we can. However, I'll also push positive energy your way, it may not be as bad or a worst case scenario. PMA can go a long way in a positive prognosis...
Youre in my prayers Jon.
Jon, here's hoping for the best. Good luck with the tests man. As others have said , let us know if there's anything we can do.
we are praying for you... and wishing you the best.
Prayers are with you Jon.

:beer: R
Jon, good luck with it. Continue to fight like hell, prayers are with you and your family.
Keep it up, we're in your corner. Let us know if there's anything we can do...
keep the faith brother!! Don't let it get you down, after-all the power of your mind is a major contributor to healing....... i'm not a doctor but i did stay at a holiday inn express!!

I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck.....oh, and beers on Jason!!
Thinking about you Jon and hoping for good news today!

:beer: R
Thanks for all the kind words and prayers!! It really does help.

No news yet, but had the test earlier today...now just wait until the Dr calls with the results in the next day or so.

I did find a four leaf clover (actually 4 of them) in the back yard this afternoon so I'll use that luck on this one ;).

Good News

Got the results from the bone scan this afternoon and they didn't find any other places of concern and think that the small place on my rib is NOT cancer...but I'll be having a PET/CT on the 29th just to be 100% sure. (I was due for one in the next 2 months anyways for my 6 month follow-up scan).

Very good news!!!
fingers crossed and still praying for you... but Glad to hear good news.

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