Post a picture of your Toyota!

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What was the story on that Mark? Body looks straight from that pic...
That is a beautiful rig.
. Thanks I appreciate that. I noticed I had old photobucket pics that were down and I didn’t have any pics of the 100, so I put a few others up.
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With my new job came new friends. Ms. Lori works in the office I moved too and this is a success story for Toyota. This crazy woman was wanting to buy a used Land Rover, that had a bigger than life sticker price. Luckily after giving her the Toyota facts, she went out and bought herself a real nice 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD w/ some dealer additions.
The thing has all the bells and whistles, including the TRD package top optioned drive train with Active TRAC, etc. Dealer package included the ToyTec lift, GOBI roof rack & ladder, and some N-FAB running boards. It's a very nice truck !! Now all Lori needs is a TLCA membership !

Lori 1.JPG

Lori 2.JPG



2.5” OME heavy lift, 41mm Tough Dog foam cell shocks up front, 45mm adjustables in the rear. Slee diff drop bracket. Currently running 285/65R18 Hankook ATs but soon changing to 275/70R18s in something more aggressive.

how do you like the havoc ? What size merc are you running ? Back to the 100 how do you like the TD shocks ? I was going to replace my OME shocks on my 100 with 41 mm f&r but they were 3 weeks out and I was afraid I couldn’t get them before my upcoming trip west . I see lots of people running the same combo you are.. ill just throw in a boat/cruiser pic lol
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The TD’s are awesome so far but I’ll admit, I didn’t have much to compare to. My truck has 187k on it and I’m pretty certain they were the original Toyota shocks. They were worn out. I haven’t done any kind of off road trips since I got them installed so I can’t comment on that yet. It rides noticeably better on the road and around corners. No more body roll. I ordered them from @reevesci here on the forums. He was great to work with.

I really like my Havoc. I had a couple War Eagles before it. I’m a fan of the wider bottom but narrower beam up top on the Havocs. And they handle great. They really stick in the turns and don’t slide like some of the older aluminum boats are known to do. Motor is an ‘02 2 stroke 40 Mercury that’s had quite a bit of work done. It’ll haul the mail.

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