For Sale Poor man's ICON

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United States
Saw this on eBay it has alot of what TLC put into their 1st generation ICON but it looks like it was used hard.
Toyota: Land Cruiser Soft Top
bezel upside down and no front turn signals

think the dash is reworked or is part of the 40 Aquila?
Man so many little things wrong with that. And to say it was a frame off resto....

Wrong sized fasteners on hinges (washers sticking out past edges of bracket), paint on the windshield hold down, mismatched fasteners (new mixed with used mixed with painted mixed with unpainted...), chipped paint on things (hinges, windshield hold down), torn (?) shift boots, and probably more I skipped over. All pretty minor stuff but I'd be worried if the skimped on the easy stuff what else got skimped on...
cool truck but not 45k... gotta love that rustoleum hammer paint. The whole truck is covered in it...
Hey maybe George Washington slept on it too. That should make it worth $65,000 easy.

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