Pointers for visually inspecting brake system

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Feb 6, 2011
I was driving my '91 LC (250K miles), and on steeper inclines the brakes were less than impressive. The pedal feel is fairly consistent--no real softness or sponginess, but when I was standing on the pedal going down one of our steeper inclines here, the truck seemed like it was easing to a stop. It seems like the brakes need more grip (maybe a combination of pedal travel and pads rotors?).

I am new to working on my cruiser; luckily, many here are not. If you were to identify typical problem areas that I might check out, what would they be? And what would situations that cause poor breaking look like? Images would be great, but please don't go through any hassles to track 'em down and post 'em.
Besides the obvious (plain worn out) you should check for glazed rotors. if the rotors look shiney and polished then a turn and new pads are in order.

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