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Jul 29, 2021
Tarrytown, NY
Hi all,
I have a ‘96 LC and was getting the “O/D OFF” flashing light. Had my mechanic put the code reader on and it showed PO710 error code, which means: Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Malfunction. Trouble Areas: open or short in ATF temperature sensor circuit; ATF temperature sensor; ECM.
First step I figured was to replace the ATF temp sensor (part # posted below in pic). I couldn’t find a clear write up on this, so here goes.
The ATF temperature sensor is located just above the ATF pan, towards the front, on the passenger side. See pics. You can ID the sensor by the white plastic connector. It probably won’t look that way on your LC as it’ll be black with gunk. Needless to say, this is all accessed under the truck.
The ATF sensor doesn’t screw directly into the transmission, but rather screws into a hard ATF fluid line that comes out of the transmission just above the pan. It points up off the hard line and is a pain to get to.
After unplugging the wire harness from the sensor by pushing the clip in, I messed with a few different wrenches but there’s very little space to work. Eventually I decided to break off the plastic connector to be able to put a shallow 19mm ratchet head on it with a short handle ratchet. Took a lot of force to break it loose, but it did the trick. You don’t need to drain your ATF fluid to do this fix.
New sensor goes on easy. I cleaned the old female plug and connected them.
I cleared the code with an OBDII reader (you could also do it by taking off the negative battery cable for 10 minutes or so).
We’ll see if the light comes on again in 50-100 miles…
Hope this helps.
Happy wheeling,





Sep 5, 2022
THANKS!!! Just threw this code as well. Just bought a 1997 FZJ80 w/ 275k and I am starting in the engine bay and doing a top-down clean. Just finished it and let it dry up. Spotless! BUT ... This morning it threw this code. Could be a bad sensor or a but of cleaner in the connection. Going to crawl under it and replace the sensor anyway just to be safe.

P0710 transmission fluid temperature sensor A circuit fault - is the code on my BlueDriver OBD2 reader.

Toyota Part number: 89429-34010

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