Pinging improved with computer re-set.

Mar 28, 2003
Boulder, CO
I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not. My pinging was noticeably worse over the last tank of gas. Could have been some less than adequate gas, warmer temps, a combination, or other causes, who knows. I do put some Redline in about every other tank, but was beginning to consider more severe options such as cleaning injectors, etc.

I had cause to pull the negative battery cable last evening. I re-attached the cable, started the engine, and let computer re-set. Today driving around town the pinging was noticeably improved, only a little pinging is present as before.

I realize that the computer adjusts for fuel mixture, etc. to help avoid pinging, yet I thought this was an odd significant improvement.

Does this sound accurate? If so, perhaps those of you that have significant pinging should let your computer re-set!
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