Piles of PIG parts FS

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Jun 13, 2003
United States
We have 4 FJ55s worth of parts for sale. Most all of it is 1969-1974. No tailgates available; sorry.

PM me with what you need it all gotta go and go fast!
No tailights avail either
73 engine wiring harness in good shape? mine's dryrotted under the hood
i have the harness but PM me for exact requirements. We could also jsut build yuo a brand new one
just looking for under hood portion for my 73. it sat in a field for decades with no hood, so everything is dryrotted.
Tried to PM you, but your mailbox is full. Looking for a Driver's side Lower Fender.
I saw that you had a bunch of FJ55 parts for sale and wanted to know if you had any front grills and headlight housings/rings.

if so how much $, what year/s, etc.

also if you could would you mind getting a measurement for me.

I need the width of the grill and headlights from outside to outside of the headlight rings.

The height of the grill and light ring on truck.

Inside diameter of headlight ring.

I would appreciate it because this if for a custom job and I do not have a fj55 to get measurements off of.

Thank you,
How bout a voltage reg?
I have a voltage regulator, like new, you can have....free.
Glass for all drivers side (front door, rear door, and cargo)?

Window cranks?

Tranny cover?

Ignition switch?

This is all for a 3/72.

I'll PM you as well.



EDIT - tried to PM but your mailbox is full.
Pig Parts

I need a 4-sp transfer case. Can you supply one? If yes, I'll PM you and talk about price/shipping.

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