Pics of my project 60

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Apr 19, 2009

thought id share
Alternator, new battery, and brakes done. Just waiting on my radiator to come in the mail and the only thing left to do to get it running straight will be the tie rod ends/alignment. The rust will go away and I will lay down some rhinoliner along the lower body line.
Bigger tires/lockers come after that....ughh, soo much work to go :cheers:
Good looking rig anthony. take your time and enjoy some trail riding, I know that sometimes I will get so caught up in what I want to get done, that I forget how much fun the rig can be just like it is. :) Definitely get those tie rods fixed though. :D
After hitting Liberty this weekend my passenger side front fender looks just like your driver side front fender.

Maybe I should swap passenger side fenders with you so we both have matching left and right sides?

Just kidding.......

Looks like your project is coming along nicely. Time to trail test it.
haha, im gonna fiberglass/bondo after I get rid of the rust and lay down the rhinoliner to help a little with the looks.

Can anyone share their opinion on 33's or 35's being a better fit under the truck? The EMU set up, and I belive stock gears are what im working with/ will the 35's rub, and will the take too much power to move?
Thanks fellas,Anthony
35's will require new gears if yours are stock.
Anything over 32's you are going to want to re-gear.

Keep that in mind when you are doing suspension/tires.

If you don't intend to go bigger than 33's than the OME suspension will be the cat's meow.

Anything bigger and just do an SOA.
Nice looking rig, hope to see it soon...

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