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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
Hi guys,

We had quite the adventure this past weekend and I think we are still trying to catch up on rest, are we too old for this stuff?;)
It was nice to meet Amber, that baby will may come out bouncing.
Here is the link to all the pics and there are quite a few.
Mrs. X

Bills excellent adventure pictures by ohsewgood - Photobucket
Mrs. X does it again. Great photo's. Obviously there's a bunch more to explore down there. Look forward to seeing you all in May at SMORR for Moj's Semi Annual 3rd trimester party.
Thanks for all the pictures Vickie. Great job! Looks like things got a little more interesting in the PM and on Sunday.

It was fun, looking forward to the next time.

Looks like fun. Also looks like you found some different areas from the last trip you took there.
A1,A2 and A3 are the green trails close to the creek. Vicky and I enjoyed those a bunch, great trails for new people with just enough pucker factor spots to get someone interested. Makes a nice break from the constant bouncing of the harder trails.

C1 is a great trail as well but has a few tight spots and also runs next to the course for the rock crawler MX bikes. There were a couple of them there when we went through Sunday.

B2 has changed a bit do to boundry issues but is still excellent.

The red trails pretty much speak for themselves.

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