peeling clear coat. cheap options?

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Jan 10, 2015
Recently acquired a 94 fzj80. I love the truck and it seems very solid. The interior is great without any tears in the leather. Thought I got a great deal at $2400. The only issue is the nasty looking hood. Has peeling clear coat and an ugly flat black stipe down the middle. An obvious rattle can job. Every thing else about the truck was great so I was able to look past the cosmetic issue when I bought it. The bad thing is I get to stare out the windshield at that ugly hood whenever I drive. Does anyone have any good ideas that don't involve a new paintjob? I have heard of people using bed liner or plastic dip on their cruisers. Whatever I do I don't want it to look like a backyard hack job, and it would be nice if it would be somewhat removable in case down the road I decided to paint the truck. Any body tried something like this?
Clean it up with a DA sander and do as good of a job as you can with good rattle cans. Duplicolor is my favorite. A whole flat black hood looks pretty good with any color. If you want it matching and shiny, you can go to and order the right color and a can of clear. You'll probably be surprised how easy it is to do a 95% job. Sanding and prep is the key.

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