PCV Hose Question FJ60 2F

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Sep 28, 2019
virginia beach
Probably a dumb question, but I completed my desmog about a year ago and everything has been great. I also replaced the side cover gasket among other things, pcv valve, hoses....etc. My valve grommet has oil around where the valve passes thru it, and I also noticed the hose has oil sweating thru it? Did I use the wrong type of hose when I went I installed a new piece? Thanks
2021-12-31 12.01.12.jpg
2021-12-31 12.01.21.jpg
There’s hose specifically made for the high vacuum of PCV systems. (PCV hose). Most hose will collapse with the heat and high vacuum.
That white stuff on the hose isn’t oil. It’s something in the rubber.
The rubber gasket for the PCV valve is still available to buy. Eventually it’ll get a little grime around it.
@OSS thank you. I have wiped the hose a couple of times and oil definitely comes off on the rag but I see that white stuff as well. It is Gates Safety stripe Heater hose,
2022-01-14 13.45.47.jpg
I think 1/2"? Any recommendation on what hose to buy for that location. Mine has not collapsed yet, but I don't like how it is looking. My gasket was new when I did the pcv valve, but I might replace it again with the hose. Thanks again
Got the PCV hose from SOR and got her on with the new Grommet. Thanks again @OSS and SOR for fast service
2022-01-21 15.10.59.jpg
2022-01-21 15.11.04.jpg
2022-01-21 15.36.18.jpg
2022-01-21 15.36.31.jpg
, hose is nice!
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Is your pcv connected to your brake booster?
Is your pcv connected to your brake booster?
No, if you look close at the third pic from the top, it is in the manifold pipe standard.....I painted the EGR pipe thing that VHT gold color as well as the side cover. It is very easy to see oil leaks on it.

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