Passenger side front window stopped working!

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Jan 10, 2007
It's like it's not getting any juice. Neither switch on either side works. All fuses are fine. Power door lock switch works fine. Is is possible both switches failed at the same time??? ..... I don't think so. Any ideas? ..... Is there a circuit function to the switches where if one fails the master driver side switch stops working or vice versa? Or could it be the motor is just dead or the connection came loose?

Any help would be appreciated before I pull off the door panel.

My guess is your motor if neither switch works. I had an intermittent problem and it ended up being my motor. I was able to replace the motor with a cheap ($50 or so) motor from Autozone.

There will be an old thread of mine (plus many more) if you search.
Check and make sure the motor is getting power. MIke
Mine was the motor, if you pull the door panel you can move the window slightly and then see if the motor can move the window further, cold weather and two of my windows would go down and we had to pull up on the glass while moving the switch.
i just had that problem the other day ... and i found the problem with the wires that is responsible for the all the switches and the center lock… i had a problem with one wire that was responsible for driver side switch .... you will find that just beside your left leg beside the brake pad..
what i did is made what we call here in my country a bridge and it works perfect now
hope i helped

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