parting out '93 green 80 series, salt lake city

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Jun 15, 2005
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as title says...

axles and driveshafts are sold. as of 4/18, have engine and engine components, though A/C compressor appears to be shot. transmission, t-case also available. body is green, interior is grey. it is of the 'gold package' lineage, which i think just means power seats.

drivetrain has 270K miles. engine runs strong, but would probably be a good candidate for a refresh.

buyer to pay shipping from 84106. i am in salt lake city.



rear driver door lock solenoid
wheel center caps
CDL switch
passenger door handle bezel thingy
front (A) pillar handles
all fender flares (no mudflaps)
rear bumper end cap thingies
driver side mirror
middle row middle seat belt
hazard switch
drive side rear door lock solenoid
driver window/lock control
driver headlight
steering box and pitman arm
passenger side 3rd row seat belt
driver side 2nd row seat belt
firewall and its contents are gone
A pillars and roof are gone
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Hi, can you please quote me for the fender flares and rear bumper corners.
shipping to 33172.
Any of the Items is my sig? E mail sent
I am looking for rear bumper covers, assuming they are dark gray and in good shape. Shipping to Boston.
I'm in need of a DS front fender and a DS headlight/turn signal.

Shipped to 60035 commercial address.


broer- 2nd in line on fender flares, bumper endcaps all gone.

daisy- column is not worth the effort. both screw/nut housings are cracked. want a project?

impreza- no bumper covers. i assume these are the same as what broer was asking for.

bluedog- do you need the whole panel, or just the flare?

shoot me e-mails. work often zaps mud. see first post.
how's the Y-pipe look (the one that leads from the engine to the cats)? mine's cracked and I'm looking for a replacement.
how's the Y-pipe look (the one that leads from the engine to the cats)? mine's cracked and I'm looking for a replacement.

s'ok from what i can tell, though it is rusty. how far back are you looking to get? manifold to the cats? or include the manifold?

shoot me an e-mail.
Looking for the ECU/ECM part #89661-60221.

shipping to 97202

I need rear Fender flares

Rear (middle) seat headrests

Instrument Bezel (Black plastic dash piece around everything)

Ship to 73434
How about the PS headlight, shipped to 74128?
Are you selling the starter? If so, what is the part number? If it is the 2.2kw, I'll take it. Let me know and do you accept Paypal.
Passenger side front fender to 86001?

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