Parting Out 88 FJ62 Grey/Grey in Birmingham, AL

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Jan 24, 2009
United States
I have an 88 FJ62 I'm parting out. I bought it for the few pieces I need, so those won't be for sale. The truck had NO power options. One nice thing--no rust underneath. This truck has always been in Birmingham; I got it from its original purchaser.

The body itself is pretty hammered (pics below), the side mirrors don't exist anymore (trees always win). The only part of the front to survive was the grill and blinker assemblies; the headlight doors and corner lenses were broken on the sides. All of that has already been trashed.

Dashpad has a crack over the hump. Both tail lenses broken. No front marker lights; they're toast as well.

Not for sale/already sold:
3F Long block--intake all the way to oilpan. Engine accessories, coil, harness, etc., still available.
Steering box
Alternator (Pending)
Glove box grab handle
Rear Seat Back + Headrests (Pending)
Dash Dimmer Switch
Bumper Endcaps (Pending)
Gas Pedal Assembly + Throttle Cable
Driver's side LC emblem (Pending)

I'll be temporarily keeping the suspension under it (until I can get a body on it and get it painted), then I'll swap in my current suspension (hopefully complete by summer's end). Afterwards, the suspension will all be for sale. Same goes for the wheels. Any part of the suspension not directly related to rolling the thing around my yard is up for grabs (swaybars, hubs, etc.).

As promised, pics:









A couple of other notes--the transmission is toast. The fluid is darker than the oil, and it will barely move. Carpets are toast--nasty and moldy. Passenger side front seat is dirty but otherwise in good shape, driver's side not so much. It's trash. I do have grey 62 carpets (front and middle, no cargo) in another thread; see the next post (they're not from this truck).

It has the rear shoulder harnesses, but only one of the trim panels that cover them. Cargo panels are trashed as well.

It has a good hatch, with only a couple of minor dents. No rust. I also have a second hatch from another truck (both no power options). It has no rust, no dents, and the defrost works (it's the metallic blue). Call it $75 for the blue hatch, $50 for the grey.

If you don't see something pictured/listed, just ask. It's a bit overwhelming to list everything that comes off of this truck next to a price, so just ask. I'll take pictures of whatever is needed, if you'd like. I mostly just need this stuff gone; it can't stay in the yard forever.

Priority goes to those who respond here first; my PM box will fill up too fast. I work from home, so it's pretty easy to walk outside, pull a part, and ship it. I'll have most everything pulled pretty quickly; I'm trying to have it down to bare frame by midweek next week. Can also get me by email ( or by phone (205-266-oh89four).
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I also have another listing of other miscellaneous parts for the 60/62 trucks here: 60/62 Parts FS.

I need to get most of this stuff out of here, as I may have a cross-country move coming up.
fj62 parts

how much for rear shoulder 3 point seat betls and condition of them ?

How much for the glove box grab handle ?

Is the plastic dash panel that the heater controls and ash tray mount into in good shape. No cracks ? This is the black one with gray on the end , next to the glove box. Price ?

Asian hubs

Thank you
The plastic dash panel has a crack on the top left (which one doesn't, unfortunately). Glove box handle - $15. Hubs - $75. Stand by for pics of the seatbelts, should have up within an hour or so.

Rear seatbelts are as dirty as the rest of the stuff. PO spilled warning yellow paint in the cargo area, and it got the bottom of the seatbelts. It's on the part that remains under the carpet, but it's there. Also, the driver's side has a few marks on the belts (pictured). They do not go through the belt itself. Call it $40 for the parts I have (and just to reiterate--I have only one of the trim panels that cover them, the passenger side. The other one is MIA).

Rear 3-point pics:


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I neglected to add that all parts are OBO. I'd rather cruiser folks got them than a scrapyard.
Pics show the cruiser halfway through the front-end disassembly (should've taken pics before disassembly, oops).

Not pictured: AC evaporator, lines, and a functional grill (some paint/chrome flaked off, but solid otherwise). All AC system stuff is in great shape and looks to hold pressure (since it shot out in my face while taking things apart--doh!).
Hubs, dash grab bar, and starter SOLD.
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Which brackets? I was thinking $40 for the whole assembly (frame brackets, axle brackets + bushings, and bar). I'm not particularly keen on splitting it all up, but we can probably work something out.
Dash Dimmer switch w/knob ?
I have it -- how's $7 shipped sound?
SLCfj62 - responded in your other thread.
3rd members?
I've got both, and they'll both be up for sale soon enough, but right now I need the frame to be able to keep rolling. Hopefully I'll be able to get the current body off, the new shell dropped on, and get it through paint in the next few weeks.
Do you have the rear seatback with headrests?

I do. If you want it, it's yours. We'll call it $35.

The fabric on the seat back could use a good cleaning, but it's in otherwise good shape. I'll get pics up here as quick as I can.
Which brackets? I was thinking $40 for the whole assembly (frame brackets, axle brackets + bushings, and bar). I'm not particularly keen on splitting it all up, but we can probably work something out.

lemme get pics of what I have and you can tell me what i am missing.
To those whom I've promised pictures--I'm still working on it. Seems like every day now is a rainy one.

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