For Sale parting out 76 FJ40

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Aug 24, 2009
Parting out a 76 FJ40. Was running when parked 2+ years ago. I bought it for the motor, but it's got lots of good stuff left. Not sure the values of everything, but I'll be fair. Whatever doesn't sell here will eventually go on ebay with all the other overpriced parts. I'll ship what I can, but everything will be FOB my garage.

I'll work on the list as I can. I have more pictures. If you don't see it, just ask.

Ambulance doors - $150 for pair Hold
Center console - $25
Fiberglass cap - $150.
Glove box door w/ shifting instructions $25
Skid Plate 4sp - $35
Spare tire carrier - $65
Steering Wheel - $30
Windshield hood rests - $15 ea
Ash tray - $20 Sold
Black defrost guides - Sold
Booster and MC - $65 Sold
Cowl - make offer Scraped
Fan - $15 Sold
Fan shroud - $30 Sold
Fender aprons - $15 ea Sold
Front bib - $50 Sold
Front bumper gussetts - $10 ea Sold
Fuel door - $35 Sold
Fuel separator NO check valve - $15 Sold
Gas tank - $65 Sold
Gas tank cover - $40 Sold
Heater controls light - Sold
Heater ducts - $10 ea (cracking on ends) Sold
Hood release mechanism - $15 Sold
Lower dash pads/3pcs - Sold
Radiator overflow w/ bracket - $20 Sold
Rear jump seats - $75 pair (one broken hinge - doesn't open) Sold
Side mirrors - Sold
Tranny hump - $65 Sold
Visors - Sold
Wiper motor cover - Sold
Wiring harness - $60 (seems complete from headlights to gas tank-cut up around taillights) Sold
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booster/master shipping to 92102?

Fiberglass cap (is the drip rail (gutter) good?
ash tray?
Gas peddle and linkage?
bumper gussetts?

Where are you selling from?
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booster/master shipping to 92102?I'll need to get weights in a couple days.

Fiberglass cap (is the drip rail (gutter) good? Yes, great shape. Front where attaches to windshield not as good.
Visors? Pic in a box. I'll get better ones in a couple days.
ash tray? See pic
Gas peddle and linkage? Converted by po to cable for weber.
bumper gussetts? Bumperettes? I'll get pictures, but tweaked with an "extra" hole in them.

Where are you selling from? Kansas 66062 [/QUOTE]

See notes above. Bought silver star but still don't know how to post more than 3 pics. See following posts for more.
Pics of the ashtray and the visors in a box. I'll get better ones of the visors.
Fiberglass cap....PASS... Would love to have it...but to far to ship
Gas peddle and linkage?....PASS....Looking for OEM

Visors? Pic in a box... (price??)
ash tray? See pic.. (Price??)
front bumper gussetts ?
side Mirrors (Price??)

Thanks....I'll be here
Interested with the following items:

-windshield hood rest/pair
-lower dash pads/3pcs
-upper dash pad light
-center console
-black defrost guide/pair
-glove box door /with instuctions
-wiper motor cover with gasket
-dash cluster/ gauge
-side mirrors/pair

Will send you a PM. Thanks.
Gauge cluster, and hows the bottom of the fuel tank, also do you have the rear section of the wiring harness intact. Shipped to 08759, Thanks Fred.
Price on the Radiator overflow tank to 80002? Thanks
You still have the fuel tank door? $20.00 Is a fair price. Shipped to 97502. I will pay for shipping.
Interested in the trans hump, can you post pics.

Gas tank in great shape. Some surface rust. It appears to have been replaced shortly before parked. pics show worst of it.
do you still have the hard supply and return fuel lines from the pump to the carb and back . if so im interested thanks scott

Sorry, hard lines cut by po for weber carb.
Interested in the trans hump, can you post pics.

This has some surface rust on bottom and a bit in corners. Really great shape overall.
interested in hood release mech, and heater controls light
Couple more

Pics of visors. They are a little "puffy."

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