Parting out 1990 FJ62 in Charles Town WV

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sent ya a pm...

Black and blue: doors are great. little rust in the corner of the PS, but minimal. $200 for both. switches all work, windows and switches are good for them as well. with side view (blacked out) $250 total. the rig is the two tone brown and sliver, or whatever the colors are. which lense? passenger side is cracked from PO. $10 for shipping for lenses 15 cost. nothing a little jb weld or epoxy wont take care of.
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lift, arb, doors, dash bezel pieces of lower control unit, DS fender, axles, window trim around rear windows, lower hatch door, steering shaft, steering box are spoken for as of now. thanks everyone so far.
PM'ed you on the rear carpet. Also tailgate carpet and passenger seat. Thanks.
PM'ed you on the doors and front carpet as well. Thanks!
Doh...just noticed you stated that the doors are spoken for. If it falls through for some reason I call dibs:)
What's the story behind parting her out?

Interested in side marker lamps (4), transfer shift assembly (lever and linkage) and the transmission shift assembly (lever and linkage, is the shifter color specific, i.e. brown or black/grey?)
I bet shipping would be a bit of a pain, but pics of the rear seat would be nice, I assume they match the IPOR black seats well?

Let me know if'n they're available,
What's the grill and headlight surround chrome like? Original and peeling like mine:)

Or cool and blacked out:cool:?

(mine looks real bad)

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