parting 1991 Cruiser, complete minus engine

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May 26, 2010
United States
I have a 91 that was running but experienced a bit of front end damage. I pulled the motor for my other one, otherwise it is all there... What do you need? On socal but can ship.
I need one of the louvers/vents that are behind the rear sliding windows on the passenger's side, and the clips underneath.

Peeled mine off rubbing against a tree:grinpimp:

Need complete tool kit

can pick up or ship - be driving through in 2 weeks
What colour is the interior and do you have pictures showing the interior?
Looking for a forward center console (gray interior) in good condition.
how much you looking to get for the axles?
What color is the exterior and interior?

Looking for the following:

1. Steering wheel clamshell.
2. 2nd row cap to lever (see pic)
3. Body plug - located under the car. The one I am missing on the passenger rear under the 2nd row seat close to the tire.
4. 2 Door pins (see pic).
5. Passenger side rear sway bar end link (see pic)
6. 2nd row middle seatbelt
7. Rear windshield wiper that holds the blade.
8. Driver and passenger side mirrors
9. Passenger side front and rear door.
10. Lower half rear tailgate and rug panel

I live in So Cal (Pasadena area) so I can pick up parts.

seat lever plastic cover.jpg
Turn on light switch.jpg

what color ext / int ?
what color is it? i need the passenger side rear-view mirror and upper tailgate hatch.
PM sent but appears to be full. I'm interested in the DS headlight and corner marker if they survived the front end damage... thanks!
How much for D/S rear tail lamp.
Driver side rear marker lamp (really only need the housing under the cover).
Shipped to my commercial address in NYC 10463 area?
rear upper hatch door

If you have not sold the rear upper hatch door, I would be interested in it. How much and would you ship it. I don't need any of the stuff on it, I just need the shell, but would take it for the right price. I am looking for one with no rust or digs.

PM me please so I see the message.

If the battery tray and hardware is still avail i will take it. PM sent.
I need the rear wiper motor, front wiper fluid pump, and the rear tailgate lever to release the gate after the hatch has been lifted. Also need a bug deflector and a drivers seat if in good or better condition.


My zip is 98365 in WA state


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