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May 20, 2007
Buford, GA
Just curious as to what brands of paint everyone is using on their Cruisers. And the cost of the paint, products, & materials.

Also could you post pictures as well :)

Did you use a single stage paint, Basr coat and clear coat ect . .

Trying to weigh the different options when it comes to painting our cruiser.

- Thanks
I've been using zero rust. Mostly, spray can- about 7 dollars per can but can be found on sale. From left to right in the pic...spray paint, on the doors I did an electric sprayer from Home depot, the rear was rolled on. I didn't roll on enough coats or I waited too long between coats because the rear is starting to rust already. Everywhere else it's held up good.

I looked at 2 paints PPG Deltron at $375/gal and PPG OMNI at $125/gal. Due to the price i went with the OMNI. It is a base clear, and it came out fantastic. The clear is around $80/gal, you also need to buy the activators, etc. probably another $80. I used between 3 qts and 1 gal. for the whole cruiser inc. hardtop. On the interior floor I used red Durabak spray on liner, $140/gal inc. shipping. That took almost one gallon. It also went on real nice. All told i had around $600-700 in materials including primers and one Qt of Cygnus white for the bezel and hardtop and one QT. of black for the bumpers.
Most paint brands have much cheaper economy lines such as Omni in P.P.G and Crossfire in Martin Senour. The main difference is color match and sometimes repairability. If I am painting a panel and want it to match the ones next to it, then I'm going to use the high end line. But if I'm doing a complete paint job, is color match really that critical. One other thing to make you feel better about the economy lines is that a lot of the time they are the same as the high end line just with a different label or they are a product that was once in the high end line but because of a new (not always better) product, they were relegated to the economy side.
Single stage paint tends to hide slight imperfections better than base clear and requires fewer trips around the car. Base clear is not as prone to sun fade and therefore requires less waxing to stay looking good and is also more readily available in metallic and pearl colors.
PPG's Shop-Line.
Somewhat user friendly, their JC660(IIRC) clear is okay for $80 a gallon. A word of warning, the accompanying "slow" catalyst for the clear is just that, really slow. I use the medium here in florida when it's low humidity and upper 70's.

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