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May 10, 2020
Victoria, BC
Just a story to share. Wondering if anyone else experienced something similar. Maybe call me out on being unreasonable if its the case.

In September 2019 I bought my Prado at auction in Japan and used Pacific Coast Auto to bid/export. Overall it was a good experience, convenient at least.

The truck came with a roof tray initially. I didn't think I would use it much, so I asked if they could remove it to save me some money on shipping. They did, although the shipping cost (which was paid with all other costs, before my request of removal) was never adjusted. I didn't care enough to follow up as I was really just excited for my new truck. I regretted even asking since I (thought) I paid for it in the end.

Fast forward to 2022, I receive an email regarding my truck and an adjustment in shipping costs. I guess what I was invoiced at time of purchase wasn't really the final price. News to me. Rather than paraphrase I'll post a screenshot of this.


It almost feels like I'm being charged a 2022 shipping rate for something I shipped in 2019. Also no mention of the rack, until this email that came in 5 minutes later.


Has anyone else received a shipping adjustment from these guys over two years after the fact? The rack situation is obviously unique to my case.

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