SOLD PA 2F engine from a late 1986 FJ60 price reduced

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
I recently bought a very rusty FJ60 that was built in August 1986. Bought it from the original owner who parked it in 2008 because it no longer was safe enough to drive due to rust issues. Was bad enough to be unable to pass PA state inspection. He told me the truck ran fine right up to when it was parked. It was listed for sale here on MUD a few weeks (months?) ago as part of a two truck deal. I believe from what I've seen and from what the PO told me that the truck was well maintained in its' working life. I believe there was 253K on the odometer.
I'm selling the engine from it, it's complete with exhaust pipe stub, alternator, water pump and fan, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and the big (bottom) part of the air cleaner (I'm keeping the lid), carburetor, fuel pump, and starter. The starter may need work- I had to swap in one of my spares to do the compression test but the original starter will be included with the engine. This is the engine with the big diameter distributor (included) and the dimpled side cover to accommodate it. I'm also going to include the coil/igniter and the original wiring between that unit and the distributor is intact. Thermostat housing is intact and in place.
The oil looks real good and clean and the coolant that I drained was green, both very good signs. The compression test was good all cylinders came in in the 125-130PSI range. I have never heard this engine run, I only know that the compression numbers look good, oil and coolant look good, and the PO said it ran fine when parked. It was sitting for fifteen years, who knows what that means, if anything. Will the carburetor be functional? Who knows. I'm selling this engine as is and presenting it as honestly as I know how.
Complete 2F engines are getting hard to find. The later 2F engines are by far the most desirable for a number of reasons. I'm pricing this one at $1250 and believe it will sell very quickly. I will give preference to buyers who can drive here to my place in northeast PA to pick up the engine. I'm ready pull the engine, get the axles out from underneath, cut up the frame to scrap it and get my garage stall back. Best to email me
A link to the for sale blurb that I bought from:

Thanks Gary, I'm looking forward to giving it a new life! We arrived safely in Ohio after a trip to the scariest scrapyard I have ever seen, and gale force winds most of my drive!

This salvage yard just has this tiny little path in and out and the yard is HUGE. Most of the stuff was not accessible and there are thousands and thousands of parts. No clue how they are even getting any more stuff in there.

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